Tuesday, 22 March 2011

Opening of the First Literary Comenius Week

Meeting with Luis Leante
"Literature is a memory exercise, and life is a series of multiple coincidences."
These are two of the most important messages Luis Leante has left us in his meeting with students of the IES Mediterranean apart from talking about the writer's notebook as the primary tool for collecting stories which later will become literature, notebooks where curious characters that Luis has met throughout his life abound, creatures full of literary attraction and stories which will turn into plots of future works. He also spoke of the fascination that the Sahara has had on him, so much that it appears in three of his works: "The back door of paradise", " I love you so much" and "The Sahrawi refugee camps in the early XXI ", and chance and coincidence as the driving forces of human existence, the future of the world, showing the inconsistency of man, which should unite us together to verify the extent of the powers of fate and destiny. A lesson for young readers, who have been able to appreciate not only the writer but also the man.
by Antonio Parra
This is the comment about the Inauguration of the First Literary Week, whose coordinator has written on his blog and can be accessed by clicking here. 

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