Wednesday, 23 March 2011

Meeting with Lorenzo Silva on the Second day

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 "Life is also a string of things and people we are losing on the road" Lorenzo Silva delighted us during his meeting with words that make us think, especially teens, living a crucial moment because they have to choose the identity that will go with them the rest of their lives. That’s why he advocates for a youth literature which face reality, as he stated: "In youth literature we have gone from a colored and lightweight one to a gothic literature, and that is a path we do not know where it will lead, but it's not what I wanted to, I just wanted to tell stories of young people that could live, not to lock them into alternative worlds". 
For him, youth should commit themselves, because after all life is struggle, not a collection of happy endings, and literature should reflect life, reality, and not hide it. That relationship with literature has turned Lorenzo Silva into a happy man with his job, someone who has the chance of looking out of a window which is opened to other worlds, worlds that fill us with the possibility of living other lives, not just ours. 
Of course, it is not his intention to express moral lessons in his novels, or create closed stories, because life is not airtight, and the interpretation made by each reader is vital to complete each project. 
He is very pleased that young people continue approaching his novels like "The hunter of the desert", a work that was born more than a decade ago, because a book is very fleeting and only the readers can prolong its life or finish it . He is also a man totally respectful of its audience, as shown by his words: "I am very concerned to make young people know how developed they are in some ways with regard to adults, but so innocent in other aspects of life. However, if we want to reach young people it must be done with great respect, and in a language they do not consider others, not to feel slighted."

The students of IES Mediterranean were proud to have Lorenzo Silva with them.

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