Friday, 15 April 2011

Meeting with Dimitar Atanasov

On the 29th March Dimitar Atanasov, a novelist, playwright and a journalist came to the Professional High school of building, architecture and geodesy , Plovdiv, Bulgaria.
 He is a member of the Union of the Bulgarian Writers, the Union of the Bulgarian Actors /dramaturgy section/ and the Union of the Bulgarian Journalists.
Some of his works were translated in German, Russian, French, English, Italian, Serbian, Turkish. He is  author of the following books:
Pentakon, collection of short stories and novellas, Hr.G.Danov Publishing House, 1988
Tarpani, a novel, Hr.G.Danov Publishing House, 1992
The Art as a Salvation, Villon Publishing House, 1996
Midnight Portraits, a collection, Hermes Publishing House, 1996
A Dump for Hopes, a novel, Lettera Publishing House, 1996.
 Vernissage, poetry, IMN Publishing House, 2007
Reserved Place, collection of plays, Janet 45 Publishing House, 2008
The Church “St. Martyr Dimitar” in the Old City of Plovdiv, author-compiler, Janet 45 Publishing House, 2008. 
Teachers and students were thrilled by his interesting tales about life, books and inspiration.
We were happy to meet him

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