Thursday, 26 November 2009

Press News in Turkey

On November the 20th, 2009 “Reading for travelling through the paths of life” Comenius School Partnership project has been announced in HABER TURK internet press..


Formal education is the regular education conducted within schools for individuals in a certain age group and at the same level, under programs developed in accordance with the national education objectives.

Pre-School Education
Pre-school education covers children between the age of 36-72 months. Institutions can be established as independent kindergartens or as application classrooms affliated to giriş' vocational high schools for the purposes of practical training for students, and within other educational institutions.

Primary Education
Primary education covers childrenin the 6-14 age group. Eight-year primary education is compulsory for all citizens regardless of gender, and is provided free of charge in State schools.

Secondary Education
Secondary education follows primary education and covers general, vocational and technical high schools providing at least 4 years of education for the 14-17 age group. All students completing primary education have the right to attend any type of secondary education in line with their interests, talents and capabilities.

Special Education
The aim is to provide the best educational opportunities for individuals with special needs, to integrate them with society, and enable them to gain professional skills.

Private Education
Private education institutions are the institutions expenses of which are covered by natural or legal persons. They are subject to supervision and inspection of Ministry of National Education (MoNE). These institutions are opened and operated in accordance with the Law on Private Education Institutions.

Higher Education
Higher education covers al post-secondary programmes with duration of at least two years

Non-formal education covers those who are currently at a particular stage of their education, who have left their education at any stage, or who have never had the chance to attend school.
Non-formal education is carried out through public education, apprenticeship training and distance education. Similar education services are also offered through vocational courses opened at vocational high schools and the by local authority.

ISTEF is a "project fair" that brings all national and international based education projects under its roof. Within the exhibition, projects developed by students and teachers of lower and upper secondary schools are displayed. Development of these projects serve to increase the quality of education within the institutions, as well as elevating the level of knowledge, ability and capability of students.

Istanbul Education and Career Exhibition is organized every year at the Feshane International Exhibition and Congress Center, since 2008, with the initiaition of Local Education Authority of İstanbul.
This annually organized exhibition brings together various institutions in the field of education and training and students, which enables students to get acknowledged of higher education institutions and occupations. Students visiting the exhibition have the opportunity be guided and directed effectively for their future and career choices.

Upper secondary and high school students, private and state university students, new graduates who want to take a career path, inititiators in the field of education, teachers and head teachers, parents of related students, media representatives, representatives and employees from the field,

Attending organisations
State universities, private universities, training courses for OSS, Career courses, Education and guidance companies for education abroad, foundations and NGO’s supporting education, public organisations, publications in the field, vocational education institutions.

A great number of projects under European Union - Lifelong Learning Programme (LLP) and other type of projects has been carried out by both Istanbul Provincial Directorate of National Education and the schools in Istanbul.

The Project was carried out in 2007 and 2008. It was sponsored by Bahcesehir University - Science and Technology College.
The aims of the Project is : To motivate the students to love science, To show them how a scientist works, To teach the students the ways of scientific studies,
To teach the students how to prepare, carry out and evaluate a Project and how to use imagination by preparing a Project, To get students understand the importance of group work.

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