Tuesday, 27 October 2009

Bulgaria meeting

1. Comenius Logo Contest

a) Every country presents two logos. We could see the logos presented by all the countries. All countries had already selected two logos except Spain, which presented some logos but still not the finalist ones.

b) Every country will send by mail to the Spanish coordinator their two selected logos, and finally the 12 logos will be published in the blog by the Spanish blog administrator.

c) In every school we will select 20 students who will vote for the logos (so we will have 120 students in total voting for logos). Turkey suggested numbering the logos in the blog from 1 to 12 so that students voting can´t know which country the logos are from. We all agreed with the idea.

d) By November 1st the logos must be in the blog. From November 1st to 15th students will vote in every country.

e) Every country will publish in the blog the result of their election days before the 15th.

f) Spain will count the votes and the winner logo will be published the 15th.

2. Comenius Website/blog

Spain has created a blog with the purpose of establishing communication among the Comenius partners. The address is: www.comenius-iesmediterraneo.blogspot.com. The procedure to use it is the following one:

a) First thing to do was to open a mail address in gmail.com. We suggested opening a single mail for every school, with an agreed password, so that different teachers in every school can have access to publish things in the blog.

b) Once they have their gmail address they must send it to the Spanish coordinator and they will be authorized to use the blog.

Turkey proposed to use the blog in such a way that students can exchange cultural information about our countries. The proposals are the following ones:

a) A multilingual dictionary: students can exchange greetings in the different languages or other important basic vocabulary.

b) Important characters.

c) Jokes

d) Food

e) Hobbies/culture

f) National or religious holidays.

3. Selection of Books

Spain: Grimpow, by Rafael Ábalos.

Turkey: The Long White Cloud, by Buket Uzuner

Bulgaria: Doomed Souls, by Dimitar Dimov

Italy: Vento Seomposto, by Angelo Horney Simoneta

4. Next mobility to Turkey:

Working plan until next meeting in Istanbul:

- A powerpoint about how our school libraries are run and their organization. For that purpose the different countries can take as reference the information about Spanish school which is given in the dossier.

- To open a gmail address in order to be authorized to participate in the blog.

- To get the five samples of their selected books in English.

- To translate into their own languages the acts of these meetings that will be published in the blog and to include these translations in the blog.

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